IT Consulting & Strategies

Professional Services

CRM, Document Management, Data and server Migrations plus much more, we can take care of it for you.

Whether you want to overhaul your email and collaboration systems, migrate your data to new platforms, find a better CRM solution, upgrade your networks or redefine your meeting rooms, we can help. Our comprehensive professional services and support programs mean that you always have control of your systems. No more wasting time with hard to reach support companies that are not prepared to address and resolve your IT issues. We are here for you now and into the future.

New Technologies & Systems

We will update, modernise, and streamline your existing IT systems and processes by introducing you to whole new ways of working.

Stay ahead of new technologies and achieve great results. Of the many business challenges organisations now face, these are the top three: How to grow your organisation, how to keep your clients loyal and satisfied and how to protect yourselves from security threats and possible disasters. To provide solutions for these challenges, Tech Gloves has the experience, skills and technology to help your organisation face them head-on. Our solutions will give your team the tools to achieve successful business results.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Let us protect your data, systems and hardware from the latest threats by implementing state of the art cyber security protection for your organisation.

Through our range of IT security solutions, we empower industry-leading methods to provide an extensive security strategy that includes 24×7 monitoring, vulnerability and patch management and monitored EDR. With an extensive range of services, we will protect all your IT assets including computers, mobile devices, servers, and firewalls. Coupled with our backup and disaster recovery solutions, we make sure threats are mitigated so that we can avoid any potential data loss from external or internal threats, disasters, and human error.

Cloud Computing Strategy

Increase your team’s efficiency, lower your onsite hardware requirements and costs and have maximum workplace flexibility.

We can help you take to the Cloud via our Cloud Computing Strategy services and move your infrastructure, applications and backups to the cloud to save your organisation on long term hardware and maintenance costs and to reap the benefits in overall reliability, speed and efficiency that the Cloud can deliver. We will help your organization identify the different types of information available for a cloud computing infrastructure within your environment and deliver a cloud solution that will work for you and your team.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for worst case scenarios, we can make sure that its business as usual from anywhere, no matter what. We can provide and implement plans to ensure that nothing can stop your team and business from functioning, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Business continuity is not the same as backup. A good backup solution is only one part of an organisation’s IT Business Continuity Plan and this in turn is part of a full Disaster Recovery Plan. An IT Business Continuity Plan goes beyond simply having data backed up somewhere. A good plan provides your team with access to their data and systems so that you can continue operating your business, even if the computers, networks and servers you use go down through failure or if the entire site is completely out of commission.

Websites and Graphics Design

We can help you with all of your logo and web site design needs in one place and also provide website hosting services.

Using the latest technologies, we ensure that our clients’ websites are beautiful, secure, easy to use and at the cutting edge of design and functionality. We combine the leading development techniques, digital design and top level UX with SEO strategy that is sensitive to your brand to maximise your organisation’s online presence and impact.

Media Services

Need help with your audio and video streaming? Struggling with Apple Music or Spotify and managing your media collections? We can help you organise your media and ensure its all available, wherever you need it.

Deploy systems provided by proven industry leaders

Tap into business tech know-how to point your business in the right direction

Knowledgeable experts at your disposal to plan your IT systems

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your tech is in the right hands

Professional guidance in the multitude of Tech options available