Virtual desktop services

Enhanced productivity - Use any computer in any location i.e. a friends, your relatives, another worker or an internet café

  • Your whole desktop including all your apps, files, folders, email etc can be used anywhere

  • Team satisfaction is hugely improved due to the ability to work anywhere

  • Ability to support BYOD (Bring your own device)

Heightened security with no risk of viruses affecting your virtual desktop from any host computer you use

  • Your team don’t have to carry laptops on Public transport home with the security risk this can create

  • Protects against loss of sensitive corporate data

Considerable cost savings. No more need for high spec machines, saving huge amounts in Capital outlay

Future proofed as all updates and new features are automatically added without the cost of new software or infrastructure

Instant Business continuity and disaster recovery as all data is stored off-site in the Cloud

Use one single sign-on to login to your Virtual desktop and all of your Windows apps