End-Point Security Monitoring

Protect your equipment, data and users from online threats with our state-of-the-artMalware and Ransomware Protection systems including our EDR Machine learning based protection service.

Endpoints (servers, computers and other user devices) are constantly connected to the internet and offer a gateway to cyberattacks. Endpoint Security Monitoring is the process of monitoring and protecting your endpoints from any deliberate cyber-attacks. Tech Gloves will protect your systems with the latest in Endpoint detection and response (EDR) utilising the latest in Machine learning technology to provide you with the very best in security without any of the compromises.

Phishing Protection

Don’t allow yourself to get caught out by phishing scams. We can protect you and your team from the latest threats.

Blocks phishing attacks via machine learning models that carry out behavioural analysis, including within weblinks and attachments. Our threat detection systems stop threats before, during and even after attacks.

Secure IT Systems and Networks

We will monitor your machines and networks to ensure they are always working correctly and securely and protect your company from the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Tech Gloves offers proven solutions to help build, support, secure and monitor your network and IT infrastructure.

Risk Assessment

Protect your data and that ofyour clients by ensuring that sensitive information is identifiedso that it can bestoredsecurely and is only available to users whoshould have access to it.

Sensitive data left exposed on systems poses a great risk. Companies often amass large amounts of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card information, and more in dispersed persistent storage. Using our Risk Intelligence systems, we can root out sensitive data and potential vulnerabilities no matter where they are stored, providing actionable insights for sensitive data protection so you can mitigate the risk.

Proactive Patching and Updating

Our solutionsprovide proactive support by scanningand updating your hardware with the latest security and efficiency updates in the background. This allows us to prevent cyberattacks and optimize your systems performance.

Patch and vulnerability management is an IT security process designed to actively prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities in IT. Proactively managing patching systems will reduce and eliminate potential for exploitation and save a lot of time instead of responding after exploits have already occurred. Patching is notoriously complex, and some businesses may choose to stay away from it because of downtime and potential operational impact fears. However, when a security vulnerability is revealed, businesses need to respond quickly in order to protect their systems and operations. Tech Gloves will do all of this for you, seamlessly and transparently in the background.

Identity Management and Single Sign On

Work with multiple hardware and cloud systems using a single setof secure user login credentials protected by multi-factor authentication. This will allow for faster, more reliable, and secure management and smother on and off boarding of users.

Single Sign On (SSO) allows you to access all your on-prem and cloud applications with ease. Allow your users to have access to multiple applications and systems by signing in using only one set of credentials. SSO enables you to streamline your teams’ access to multiple systems and applications and enforce uniform best security practices acrossmultiple platforms. SSO also greatly simplifies the on-boarding and off-boarding of users with minimal fuss.

Staff Training

Security training designed to give your team the knowledge and awareness of best practices and to avoid becoming the victim of common malicious attacks such as email phishing, social engineering, and ransomware attacks.