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Privacy and Data Security Concerns for Fans At World Cup 2022

This year’s FIFA World Cup, which gets underway this month, has attracted a fair amount of controversy ever since Qatar was announced as the host country for 2022.For some there are various issues that will cause them to stay away altogether. But for football fans who are travelling to the country, the tournament could easily

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Keeping the ‘Bad Actors’ off Your Screen

Both the global pandemic and, more recently, the war between Russia and Ukraine have brought the threat of cyber-attacks on individuals, businesses, and nations into sharp focus. Two years on, as more of our lives have moved online to cope with lockdowns and restrictions on movement, scammers, hackers, and fraudsters have enjoyed greater opportunities to

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What is a VPNyway?

“Why would I need to use a VPN?” If you want the freedom to watch and read whatever you want online without being tracked you need a Virtual Private Network.Not all internet providers are desperate to gather your data and sell it to third parties which might target you with annoying adverts, but a VPN

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Nothing To Lose?

You’re only an individual, who would try to hack your accounts? Cyber attackers are going after big corporations after all?Well, not necessarily. For starters, if you’ve dealt with any government websites for filing your tax return etc. then your Social Security number may be used and stored there.And you’ve probably left more credit card footprints

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