Virtual Desktop

Are you reviewing your IT solution to fit in with the new normal?

Are you trying to balance security, cost, reliability and the working from home requirements of your team?

TechGloves IT have the solution for you

Techgloves Virtual Desktop

Our solution brings your whole desktop to any computer, anywhere in the world

Imagine the benefits;

Enhanced productivity - Use any computer in any location i.e. a friends, your relatives, another worker or an internet café

  • Your whole desktop including all your apps, files, folders, email etc can be used anywhere

  • Team satisfaction is hugely improved due to the ability to work anywhere

  • Ability to support BYOD (Bring your own device)

Heightened security with no risk of viruses affecting your virtual desktop from any host computer you use

  • Your team don’t have to carry laptops on Public transport home with the security risk this can create

  • Protects against loss of sensitive corporate data

Considerable cost savings. No more need for high spec machines, saving huge amounts in Capital outlay

  • Future proofed as all updates and new features are automatically added without the cost of new software or infrastructure

Instant Business continuity and disaster recovery as all data is stored off site in the cloud

Use one log in to access your Virtual desktop and all you Windows apps

Contact Techgloves IT to discuss this exciting solution

and arrange a virtual demonstration

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*FREE OFFER Support provided remotely. Support can be requested via telephone or email. A support issue is classed as an issue that needs no more than 30 mins support. .Support issues can be amalgamated ie 3 x 30mins = one 90 min issue. Techgloves IT reserve the right to end the offer at any time


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