Nothing To Lose?

Nothing To Lose?

You’re only an individual, who would try to hack your accounts? Cyber attackers are going after big corporations after all?
Well, not necessarily. For starters, if you’ve dealt with any government websites for filing your tax return etc. then your Social Security number may be used and stored there.
And you’ve probably left more credit card footprints from online shopping than you realise as well. This Private Personal Information (PPI) is the kind used in identity theft…and it can ruin your life.
It might seem perfectly safe, but that type of private data is going public all the time due to massive and frequent data breaches.

Most companies are doing what they can to provide a safe online experience and you can also play your part by taking care while browsing.
One thing you can do is to make sure you have a different password for each site and service you use online. Most people do tend to favour using the same one for most sites (so that they can remember it…) but if your password is found in one breach, then hackers could have access to every account for which you use it.
It’s a nuisance but can easily be helped by using a Password Manager. We can recommend one if you’re not sure.

Just a note that putting your web browser of choice into Privacy/Incognito mode does helps but it’s far from 100% privacy and anonymity.
The mode erases cookies and tracking data after you close a window. But it doesn’t stop websites and even your ISP from knowing where you’re going. For example, your browser has a unique fingerprint that has nothing to do with files or info (such as cookies) placed by the site. The fingerprint is more like revealing the very DNA of your browser. Sites can and do use that.
Even using a VPN while going incognito can’t mask all of it.

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The best solution is to switch to a security-focused browser such as Brave, or use the Tor Browser, a system that bounces your connections around as you go.
There are other top security solutions available, whether you are a ‘only’ an individual or a large company with multiple employees.

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