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Unmasking Cyber Deception: The Top Phishing Emails of 2023

Unmasking Cyber Deception: The Top Phishing Emails of 2023 Read More »

In 2023, Europe experienced a surge in phishing attacks, with cybercriminals employing various tactics to deceive individuals and organizations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the most common phishing emails that targeted Europe last year, shedding light on the tactics used and offering insights on how to stay vigilant against such threats.

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What is a VPNyway?

What is a VPNyway? Read More »

“Why would I need to use a VPN?” If you want the freedom to watch and read whatever you want online without being tracked you need a Virtual Private Network.Not all internet providers are desperate to gather your data and sell it to third parties which might target you with annoying adverts, but a VPN

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Nothing To Lose?

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You’re only an individual, who would try to hack your accounts? Cyber attackers are going after big corporations after all?Well, not necessarily. For starters, if you’ve dealt with any government websites for filing your tax return etc. then your Social Security number may be used and stored there.And you’ve probably left more credit card footprints

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